Biographical Information
Kanji ツエルブ/久見 冬二
Also known as Tōji Hisami, Sphinx #2
Birthday March 9
Age 17-18
Status Deceased
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Height 5'6"
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Sōma Saitō
English Aaron Dismuke

Twelve is one of two members of a terrorist group known as Sphinx, working with Nine as his primary partner. He and Nine grow up together in an institution for children known as the Settlement. As adolescents, they engage in terrorist activities with unspecified motives at the beginning of the series, though their agenda becomes agonizingly clear by the finale.


On the outside, he's a typical jokester: light-humored and energetic, enjoying messing around in other people's business. However, he is fully capable and willing to adopt ruthless and violent methods if the situation calls for it. This contradictory set of personality traits are the result of the psychological damage sustained during his stay at the aforementioned children's institution. Nonetheless, he is a loyal and dependable friend, has a genius mind and a keen sense of social justice. He also has a compassionate side, as evidenced by his interactions with Lisa Mishima.

He is an apt motorcyclist and handles vehicles easily, as demonstrated on multiple occasions when escaping the nuclear facility and police pursuit. It is shown that he is observant when spotting security measures and other types of guards, as shown in episode 7. This scene also shows that he has an exceptional memory as he was able to memorize where each security camera was located. This ability is also portrayed in episode 1  when Twelve memorizes many of the names of the students from the school that they attended. His memorization skills are also implied in this same episode when Nine asks Twelve whether he has remembered their plan and Twelve questions the necessity of the confirmation. It is also hinted that he has an enhanced sense of smell in episode 1, where he immediately smells chlorine from a distance and in episode 5, where he smells fire before Nine does.  


Twelve is a slim young man with a somewhat effeminate appearance. He has messy, short, curly brown hair, brown eyes, and thick eyebrows. He is frequently seen smiling and is only seen to be a little shorter than Nine who is rather tall.

In his school uniform, which he is seen wearing on the cover and in episode 1, he wears black loose jeans that he pulled up a couple inches below his knees including a belt with the colors of the Icelandic flag with the end hanging loosely (the anime also makes quite a few references to Iceland and the pattern is identical to the wrist band that Nine wears) and wears a white short-sleeved button-up, where he opened two of the upper buttons (which is one more than Nine), with a green symbol on the right breast, presumably the school outfit for the men. He wears white ankle socks and long, light and dark brown dress shoes. He has a chain resembling green octahedron shaped cubes hooked on to the straps of his jeans and a small red bracelet around his left ankle, and is often seen wearing a red watch on his right wrist and a metal bracelet, almost resembling a dog tag, on his left wrist.

When not wearing his school uniform, he wears more colorful clothing and accessories than Nine, corresponding to his extroverted personality. He has been seen wearing quite a different array of clothing items such as a T-shirt, ripped neck hoodie, jacket, vest, beanie, jeans or baggy jeans, one of which noticeably have red fabric resembling a tongue sown onto the back pocket. He wears colors like red, orange, yellow but also different shades of brown and green, as well as army green. He also wore red glasses on one occasion, though this probably only worked as a disguise.


When they were younger, Nine and Twelve were part of a project called The Athena Plan whose goal was to educate gifted children. It is heavily implied that a fire broke out at the institution, but it is revealed in episode 9 that he and Nine started it. The two were the only ones who managed to escape, leaving Five behind.

In episode 11, after the atomic bomb triggered by Nine explodes in the stratosphere and causes a widespread power outage, he is seen playing and having fun with Nine and Lisa. Detective Shibazaki approaches the group to arrest them (however Twelve requests Shibazaki take care of Lisa, as she was only a "hostage"), and not long after, U.S. helicopters surround the area. Nine reveals a button which he claims will trigger another bomb placed in a nuclear power plant and threatens to press it if the forces do not withdraw. Regardless, a shot is fired, killing Twelve instantly. Nine lets out an anguished cry at the loss of his partner and friend but just as he is about to detonate the bomb, Shibazaki promises to "bring to light what you two put your lives on the line to do," and Nine reluctantly tosses the button to the detective. After one of the headaches he has experienced in previous episodes, Nine tells Detective Shibazaki to remember that they (presumably he, Twelve, and the other children who died as a result of the Athena Plan) lived, collapsing.


  • The rōmaji in his name is "tsuerubu". This would allow the pronunciation to sound similar to the English pronunciation "twelve".
  • His alias is Hisami Tōji. In his name (久見 冬二), 冬 is homophonous with 十, the kanji for 10, and 二 is the kanji for 2. Which makes twelve.
  • Twelve has Synesthesia, a rare neurological phenomenon that unites the senses, in his case allowing him to see color in sounds. This is seen in Episode 6 when he tells Lisa that her voice is a pale-yellow color, apparently a rare color for a voice. However, he never is seen to use it throughout the series. Rather, he is seen to see feathers floating up in the air than colours.
  • Compared to Nine he is more concerned about Lisa, although he says it's only for the sake of their attacks.
  • He likes curry and soba.
  • When he is Sphinx Number Two, he wears a yellow mask.
  • His associated color from the Icelandic flag is red.
  • He is always seen wearing something red.
  • He is recognized as the playful Sphinx in the videos.
  • His death was a shot in the heart. This is symbolic as he was the "heart" of Sphinx. (He was the one in Sphinx that always was concerned with Lisa.)
  • He has the same Japanese voice actor as Tadashi Yamaguchi from Haikyuu!! Yamaguchi's sports number is Twelve.
  • Unlike Five and Nine, he shows no side effects of being a test subject.
  • Twelve's cause of death was a bullet wound to a Heart, which caused him to die instantly. Twelve's death also meant that he was the "heart" of the group, meaning that he showed empathy, was childish and cared for Lisa.