Shibazaki Kenjirou
Biographical Information
Kanji 柴崎
Also known as Shiba
Birthday July 10, 1964
Status Alive
Job Police officer
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Height 177cm
Weight 67kg
Blood Type AB
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Shunsuke Sakuya
English Robert McCollum

Shibazaki is a detective in the metropolitan police department. He used to work in the investigations division but now works in the records division. He's a contemporary of the head of the terror incident investigation.


Shibasaki at first glance is quite aloof and lazy, with a reluctance to work, but when push comes to shove and people's lives are in danger he quickly turns into a smart, quick-minded man being able to solve most problems that arise. He is extremely experienced in his field and has a strong sense of justice.



15 years ago, during the summer, a diet secretary from the ruling party fell to his death from a hotel room. Their higher ups ruled it as an accident or attempted suicide. However, Shibazaki refused to accept the explanation. He insisted on the possibility that the man had been involved in some kind of conspiracy and even went as far as to investigate the leader of the dead secretary's political faction, who was originally from the Metropolitan Police Department. Due to his persistence and hence offending his higher ups, he was transferred out of First Division. Concerned for the welfare of his family and his life, he unwillingly accepted the decisions from above. However, he has never forgotten nor given up on the incident.

He is the son of a second generation of survivors from Hiroshima, which suffered an atomic bombing during WW2. He commented that as a kid he used to hate summers since most people, including his granmother, with whom he lived, were not able to go out from body pains. Those pains likely came from the radiation poisoning that all the town suffered. He fears that Sphinx will do something with the plutonium that will lead to an event like the Hiroshima bombing again.


  • He grew up in Hiroshima and was a second-generation atomic bomb victim; a possible reason as to why he accepted the plutonium case.