• To herself (about Twelve and Nine): "That smile was like the sun on a hot summer day.....with eyes like ice."
  • "I'm so stupid. At that time, I thought I could escape. I thought I'd be taken somewhere out of this world. I got my hopes up a little. But that's impossible isn't it? I'm not playing by the rules. As if anyone would just take me away when I wanted them to. I'm so stupid." (To Twelve)
  • "Are you going to destroy the whole world?" (To Twelve)
  • "I want to be... one of you." (To Nine and Twelve)
  • "I asked Nine what he was always listening to. And he said it was music from a cold land... From Iceland. And then... He said that in Icelandic, V-O-N means... 'hope.'" (To Shibazaki)