Highs & Lows
Episode 9
Japanese Title HIGHS & LOWS
English Title Highs & Lows
Airdate Sep 11, 2014
Theme Music
Opening Trigger by: Yuuki Ozaki
Ending Dare ka, Umi wo. by: Aimer
Previous Episode Episode 8
Next Episode Episode 10
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Twelve goes off to save Lisa while Shibazaki and Hamura learn more about The Athena Plan and the Rising Peace Academy.


Nine leaves their hideout and heads to retrieve the "plutonium" he and Twelve have hidden. Meanwhile, Shibazaki and Hamura visit Mr. Aoki, the former welfare minister to find out more about the Athena Project. To their surprise, Aoki tells them everything about it and its connection to the members of Rising Peace Academy. He reveals Five was the only child to have survived by the end of the experiments within the "Settlement," a place where orphan children were secretly taken to for the purpose of artificially producing Savant syndrome in humans. However, Aoki mentions that 2 children, presumably Nine and Twelve, managed to escape. Aoki tells Shibazaki the mastermind behind the Athena Project was in fact Dr. Shunzo Mamiya, the politician, and reason for Shibazaki's demotion. At the same time, while Nine is busy in his preparations for the bomb, Twelve reaches the amusement park where Lisa is being held captive. As he comes onto the Ferris wheel, he finds Lisa, with many bombs strapped to her body. The bombs immediately activate, and the ride begins to run. Twelve comforts her and begins disarming the bombs one by one. Though both seem to realize that he can't possibly defuse them all in time, Twelve continues, while revealing his feelings for Lisa. Moved to tears, she nevertheless tells Twelve to escape and save himself, reminding him that Nine needs him. Twelve can't bring himself to leave, and with than 2 minutes remaining on the timer, Five calls Twelve and incites him to give her the location of the "plutonium" in exchange for stopping the bombs on Lisa. Five reveals she knows Nine and Twelve had stolen a prototype of an atomic bomb, rather than plutonium from Aomori. With the time almost up, Twelve is torn between whom to be loyal to--Lisa or Nine. At the last few seconds remaining, however, Twelve reluctantly discloses the location of the prototype--"At school in Locker D12". Five stops the timer, and along with it, cuts the power to the Ferris Wheel, effectively trapping Twelve and Lisa in midair. Five immediately mobilizes the Metropolitan Police Department to the school, where Nine has just arrived to retrieve the bomb. Catching a glimpse of them in advance, he manages to take the prototype from the locker and begin to escape from the school unseen. However he is soon seen and Five, suffering from a seemingly worsening headache, immediately orders Nine to be taken down. Five then suddenly faints due to her headache, while Nine continues to run away from the police.


  • The Ferris wheel in this episode is actually the Diamond and Flower Ferris Wheel in Kasai Rinkai Park in Edogawa, Tokyo and is the eleventh tallest in the world.