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Search & Destroy
Episode 3.png
Japanese Title Search & Destroy
English Title Search & Destroy
Airdate Jul 25, 2014
Theme Music
Opening Trigger by: Yuuki Ozaki
Ending Dare ka, Umi wo. by: Aimer
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Shibazaki joins the team working on the Sphinx Case while Sphinx tries to confirm suspicions of their own with their next riddle.


The police holds another meeting to discuss the bombing of the police station which happened in the previous episode. They look at the footage of the security cameras who were in police station which was bombed and take that the video is a confirmation of their challenge to the police.

After the meeting Kurohashi and Shibasaki meet each other in the park and it seems like they found one of the culprits behind the plutonium from the nuclear fuel reprocessing facility in Aomori. The culprit was a facility employee who had only worked there for a few months. His name was Yuzo Miyajima, but that was a fake name and they also got a sketch of culprit. Afterwards Shibasaki goes back to the police station to talk with a man who 'accidentally' caused the black out in Tokyo.

At the police station the man tells them he got an email saying if he cut the Kyuedogawa power line and made it look like and accident he would receive 2 million yen. While they were discussing the matter with other police officers, the third video of Sphinx comes online. The riddle was: 'What's the building next to the house of the god who solved the riddle?'. This time they gave a time when the bomb would go off. While Shibasaki comes up with an answer, Lisa is running away from home.

The next day Shibazaki shows up in a live video where he unravels the answer to the riddle and afterwards threatens Sphinx.


  • The scene where Shibazaki confronts Sphinx through a live stream has often been compared that it was in done in a similar fashion in Death Note when L confronts Kira.