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Episode 2: Call & Response
Episode 2.png
Japanese Title Call & Response
English Title Call & Response
Airdate Jul 18, 2014
Theme Music
Opening Trigger by: Yuuki Ozaki
Ending Dare ka, Umi wo. by: Aimer
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While the police work hard to analyze Sphinx's first attack, Sphinx uploads a new video. Will they solve the new riddle in time?


Lisa arrives at her house to find her mother worried about Lisa leaving her (while it is stated that Lisa's father did the same to them) as Lisa had not been responding to her texts, so much so that she started to hurt Lisa through rough holding and shaking. Lisa responded by running to her room and locking the door behind her while her mother was still agonizingly yelling at her.

In a different location most likely at the same time, an emergency response meeting is held to discuss the most recent bombing of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office. They determine that the culprits used mostly Thermite bombs and one TNT bomb in the attack, and also bring up two pieces of evidence:

  1. One the TNT bomb there is the three letters, V-O-N. They conclude that it most likely is linked to the Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing Plant Heist that happened six months previous.
  2. There is an existing video on YouTube, a popular video-streaming website, that shows two boys of adolescent age that predicted the most recent attack in a semi-riddled manner. They also call themselves "Sphinxes".

Nine and Twelve are preparing for their second Tokyo-based attack. As decided by a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors, Nine was the one to infiltrate the police station dressed as a noodle delivery-man carrying the bomb disguised as the order. While on his way to set the bomb, he places numerous cameras in the hallways for a later purpose. After he "delivered the noodles", he returns to assist Twelve place a second "Sphinx" video. In the video they tell a riddle: "'What first walks on two legs, then on four legs, and finally on three legs?' and if you solve it you can find out where the bomb is placed." The police are more keen to watch the activity of this account, and manage to solve the riddle, but react lamely to the fact of their being two existing answers after jumping on the first one that they found. Shibasaki calls the head of the police department and tells them the fact of there being two existing answers, but seconds after the beginning of the call the bomb is set off and the Police Station destroyed. The head of the police department then suggested that Shibasaki come back to the working at the police as a detective (again, as referenced in Episode One).