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Helter Skelter
Episode 10.png
English Title Helter Skelter
Airdate Sep 18, 2014
Theme Music
Opening Trigger by: Yuuki Ozaki
Ending Dare ka, Umi wo. by: Aimer
Previous Episode Episode 9
Next Episode Episode 11
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Things come to a head as Nine and Twelve go their separate ways and Shibazaki talks to Mamiya, the man behind the Athena Plan.


Nine goes to the police, dons his Sphinx mask, and turns himself in. He refuses to speak to anyone but Shibazaki, but later relents and issues a demand for a press conference at a specific location at 8:00 p.m., or the atomic bomb prototype would detonate. Shibazaki visits Shunzo Mamiya, who confesses that he created the Athena Project as part of a plan to revitalize Japanese national morale following the nation's defeat at the end of World War II. Five, who has been hospitalized due to her deteriorating health as a consequence of the Athena Project experiments, learns of Nine's surrender and desperately sets off to try and reach him. When Twelve hears from Lisa that Nine has surrendered, he attempts to forget about Sphinx in his shame for betraying Nine, but Lisa convinces him to help Nine like he helped her. Five's men pursue the police convoy carrying Nine to the press conference, only to find that the truck is a decoy. Enraged and desperate, Five leaves to pursue Nine herself. Twelve interferes, but Five disables his motorbike before stopping the truck carrying Nine. After killing Clarence for attempting to stop and kill her, Five confronts Nine and confesses that she always wanted to beat him but never could. Knowing she is dying, Five admits her love for Nine and begs him to live for them both, then commits suicide by detonating the spilled gasoline from her car. The Japanese airwaves are hijacked by a prerecorded message from Nine: as his plans for the press conference were disrupted, the countdown for the atomic bomb's detonation has begun. Declaring that this is the final message from Sphinx, Nine unmasks himself and bids the civilians farewell.